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Specialty coffee education & international certification, barista, mobile brew bar and event services, retail and consultancy.

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New to Coffee?

If you have no prior experience or training, our EA course provides a comprehensive introduction to fundamental barista and brewing skills for those who want to kickstart a career in specialty coffee, or coffee lovers wanting to deepen their knowledge.


Working Barista
F&B Professional? 

If you're already working in the F&B / coffee industry and want to deepen your skills and receive international certification from the Specialty Coffee Association, explore our SCA Foundation, Intermediate and Professional Barista, Brewing, and Sensory courses.

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Coffee Shop

The Boss!

Coffee shop Owner?

If you are planning to opening a coffee shop. Our Cafe & Restaurent Manangement course can help you prepare your coffee knowledge, restaurant management skill, marketing strategy and preliminary store design. In addition, on-site training and coaching by our Barista trainer may be arranged.


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